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An Indie’s 15 minutes



Jewelry appraisers have ample opportunities to quash the hopes and dreams of clients expecting to feather their nest egg when we value their heirloom jewelry.  But, then mom’s “alexandrite” or grandma’s five carat “ruby” turn out to be synthetic corundum and you are the heavy. So it was refreshing to participate in a feel good [...]





Valuing Jewellery for Insurance : Is a New Approach Needed?



In this article Auckland Valuer Paul Nilsson questions whether jewellery valuers have kept up with changes to domestic insurance policy wordings as they apply to jewellery. Most Valuers would agree that when they write an insurance valuation on a piece of jewellery for a consumer their primary objective is to protect the owner. Here are [...]





Expertises en ligne : pour le meilleur ou pour le pire?



Il y a de plus en plus d’annonces pour des expertises de bijoux en ligne, dans de nombreux pays et une quantité croissante d’entreprises qui offrent ce service. Ces sites sont trouvés par les consommateurs qui surfent sur le Web à la recherche d’un expert en bijoux. Ces sites représentent-ils une bonne option pour le [...]





Online Jewellery Appraising – For better or worse?



There are more and more adverts for on-line jewellery appraising popping up in most countries and an every increasing amount of businesses offering this service. These websites are being found  by consumers who surf the web searching for a Jewellery Appraiser.  Are these places a good option for the consumer? I do not believe that [...]





Boulder opal or opal doublet?



Admin: Alan Hodgkinson is a Special Guest Author for the AIJV.  Here, Alan explores a tricky opal doublet. It would certainly make life easier for the gemmologist/ appraiser if all composite gems were claw set, or even better if loose (unmounted) – wishful thinking of course. In such situations, the doublet joint is so easy [...]





NWJC Jewelry Conference Review



AIJV member Ted Irwin hosted the second annual Northwest Jewelry Conference August 15-17 2014 in Bellevue, WA, USA. With a twenty-five year history of offering period jewelry classes, Irwin through Northwest Gemological Institute (NGI) started a multi-speaker conference style program in 2013, attracting collectors, dealers and appraisers to a small classroom setting with accomplished instructors. [...]





Technique de moulage avec l’os de seiche



Méthodes ancestrales au goût du jour. (Voir la version Anglaise) Certaines techniques de bijouterie joaillerie sont quasiment en voie de disparition. Pourtant, elles possèdent des avantages à ne pas oublier. Pour la réalisation de pièces purement massives, les artisans bijoutiers ont appris jusque dans les années 70 à faire des moulages avec l’os de seiche. l s’agit [...]





Cuttlefish casting techniques



Traditional methods brought up to date. (View French version) The techniques involved in some jewellery making processes have almost disappeared, nevertheless they can have advantages that should not be forgotten. Until the ’70s, artisan jewellers learned to make casts with cuttlebone to create of purely solid pieces. The know-how involved in this process has been [...]





World of Gems Conference III in Chicago – Review



This biannual conference is hosted by Richard Drucker and his associates at Gemworld International and was attended by delegates from eight countries.  Among the attendees were AIJV members from Canada, Scotland and the USA. The weekend started on the Friday night with a “Meet and Greet” at the Hotel’s Private Dining Room. It was a [...]





Curious Case of the Cursed Casting



There is a saying that I picked up as a young trainee;  ”Sometimes, your best efforts can be your worst failures”.  This little story definitely falls into this genre. Dimmers of Southsea, the jeweller I worked for on the South coast of England, had close connections with the Admiralty, indeed we were the Official Supplier [...]